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Vegan Vegan : Contains no animal-derived ingredients, such as honey or milk proteins.

Gluten Free Gluten-Free : Product is not made with gluten-containing ingredients. 

All Skin Types For All Skin Types : Product is compatible with all Skin Types, including Dry, Sun-Damaged, Normal, Combination, Acne-Prone, and Oily Skin.

Sun Damaged Skin For Sun Damaged Skin : Addresses the dehydration, fine lines, patchy dryness, roughness, and redness that typically accompany Sun Damaged Skin

Sensitive Skin For Sensitive Skin : Our mildest & gentlest formulas.  Designed for individuals whose skin tends to react to more aggressive ingredients (such as alpha-hydroxy acids).

Organic Organic : Product is made with at least 70% Certified Organic Ingredients.  Ingredients are sourced from several different suppliers who have Oregon Tilth and/or USDA Organic Certifications. 

Oily Skin For Oily Skin : Product is designed for users with more active oil production, to both help minimize "shininess" and help skin maintain an even level of moisture.

Dry Skin For Dry Skin : Designed to meet the needs of skin that is parched / dehydrated with fine lines.


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